I wanted some lyrics checked to find out if a) my english sentence-making is any good.
b) do the sentences make a whole, together.
c) Is there a age-group you would select this for? Or is it age-less?

Here goes:

All this time

hey girl, let me slide a way in your arms
I don't ever wanna be alone
You can set my mind at ease

Hey girl, you must be coming down from heaven
only you can twist and turn me around
and slowly take my heart away


do you wanna know what is this feeling inside us?
I'd never do somethng to hurt ou love
(I) coudn't even find a reason
And all this time we love

hey girl,let me get to know your language
and please borrow me your suede lips
I will carry them on mine

hey girl, your eyes can put a spell on me
your gentle touch is making me dizzy
you keep mee coming back for more

2x Refrein

but something's becoming clear to me
We were living a dream
to announce this never-ending love that all the world can see

4x and all this time we love