Hey, I have an old fender squier and was wondering. If I upgrade the pickups, bridge and neck, could the overall quality possibly be increased to that of a guitar in the 1000 dollar range ?
The quality of the instrument, no. But you can improve the hardware, electronics and pickups to much higher quality ones. You are stuck with the cheap wood of the guitar.
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Does that mean that the type of wood the body is made from has an effect on the sound and/or feel?
Yes. The type and the quality of the wood.
For the most part, by the time you're done buying all of that stuff (especially the neck!) you could have just gotten a better guitar. Of course, then you'll want to upgrade that eventually... but you'll have a better platform. Plus you could start with something good instead of throwing money at what might never be a great instrument.

Some of those old Squiers were rather good guitars - but a lot weren't. I wouldn't sink a bunch of money into a Squier unless you already are very sure that the body and general fit are very good.

Short version - upgrade good instruments to great ones. Don't upgrade bad ones into mediocre ones, or expect to upgrade from mediocre to great.