This is the heaviest thing I've ever fleshed out into a full song probably. The Rhythm Guitars are kinda droney but the leads provide a melodious backbone and it's in standard tuning. Probably needs vocals but I don't have the means to record vocals well so it's instrumental for now. Let me know what you think and the favour will be returned

Thanks for your feedback man. I thoroughly enjoyed this song. It's got an amazing groove. Some of the lead guitar parts remind me of A Perfect Circle, which is great! Aside from that, it's a very unique sound. I especially like when it speeds up at the end. The only suggestion I would have is to give it a little more variation. You essentially kept the same groove for the vast majority of the song. Somehow, it kind of works though.

Overall, terrific work!
very nice! reminded a lot of agalloch (who i love), which is why the tempo change at the end caught me off guard. also , some of the solo elements in the main body felt a bit out of place to me for the same reason.

i loved it though, this would work as an epic 9 minute track!
Thanks for the review!

For some reason the weird voices at the beginning scared the heck out of me. The main drumbeat is great, really contributes to the overall dark vibe of the song. The lead parts were nicely done, not too showy. Great job!
Cheers for the feedback

The vocals in the beginning and the eastern type outro riff where the stand out parts for me. The main melody was good but as you say the song could probably do with some more vocals or perhaps a stripped down bridge to give it some contrast , I also think the drums could maybe come up a little in the mix(but my pc speakers aren't the best so it could sound great on other systems.) Overall very cool and atmospheric - good job.