Recently I've been interested in putting together my own guitars, I won't be making my own bodies or necks since I don't have the tools for that, but I want to buy just bodies and necks and put them together including all the pickup wiring and such. So I'm wondering if there are any books or DVDs that would help me get started on putting together a guitar. I want to soon be able to put together a guitar using a warmoth neck and guitar body but I don't want to spend that much on my first guitar build, so I'm wondering if there are any places I can buy necks and bodies cheap, but still usable.

Edit: I'm mostly only interested in building stratocaster and telecaster style guitars. And one more question to add: What kind of tools would I need?
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You can find all sorts of educational materials, tools, supplys, parts, etc at www.stewmac.com. You tube is also a great source for guitar building and finishing information. You can see the tools required for each of the processes there.
Why buy cheap parts? You may save a few bucks out front, but cheap parts will bite you in the ass sooner or later. Buy smart, not cheap. Don't buy a bunch of expensive parts for your first build either.
Consider your first build a practice guitar, where you learn new skills, make mistakes, and find out if you have what it takes to be a builder of guitars.
Make your parts compatable with each other, like the neck's scale length matching the body's bridge location, etc. Consider a decent guitar kit for a starter build maybe.
Start simple, build a Telecaster before a Strat.
Building your own guitar can be fun, frustrating, and rewarding, as long as you don't have a short temper, are patient, and can self educate. Good luck.
Mighty Mite bodies and necks are cheap. Can't say for the quality, as I've never played any of their guitars.

If you're only using the body and neck, you might want to to go to Guitar Centre's website and search for electric guitar and price from low to high. You can find some decent, salvageable bodies and necks there.
i went to the pawn shop and bought my official first electric guitar...a 40 dollar First Act. its been a few months now and ive changed out the old pos single coil pups with a set of brand new emg select humbuckers i bought off ebay for like 15 bucks a piece. i also replaced the old 22 fret pos neck that was on it for a 24 fret cort xenon neck i got off ebay for under 50 bucks after shipping. i looked for some good strings other than ernie ball and came across these thomastik infeld strings from austria for 20 bucks on ebay so i got those. im still in the process of fixing it up. i need a new switch for the pickups, i already have new 500k pots but i dont have a soldering iron yet ( i twisted the pup wires on just to see if it works). the new pickups didnt fit the cavity of the pos first act body so i did the only thing i could think of to attach them.