"What is it like to be unhappy?" she said.
It is a perpetual state of morning sickness,
it is watching the frost and praying for the spring,
it is envying the flowers as they bloom,
it is a mist that never settles,
a ship that comes in at just the right time,
but you lost your ticket as you waited in the bay,
so the captain refuses to allow you aboard,
as you pout and moan and scream "Why me?"
Why is it always me. You begin to wonder,
but then you are reminded
the world is here to guide you,
and it is your job to take the reigns.

It is clocking out at 5:05 and clocking in at 8:00,
it is riding the subway home to try and avoid the rain,
it is waking up to an empty bottle of scotch,
it is a quote you can't remember,
a mountain that blocks your path,
as you climb with the sun on your back,
but no light to guide the way,
as you shake and cry and beg "How long?"
It is always so long, You begin to see,
that it's not the battle being fought that matters,
the war is never over,
until you stop fighting back.

"Well Ma'am, it is a summer day you can't enjoy,
while you keep waiting on the rain."
It seems you have a pithy style reminiscent of Shel Silverstein, easily one of my favorite writers. The overall message I got here was life is what happens while your making other plans (John Lennon thanks google). I really like that it has a positive message here especially when its so hip to be negative these days. I find myself picturing the characters in the middle of a busy metropolis. One thing that is a little weird is that I immediately was reminded of Morrisette's "Ironic". I believe its because, like "Ironic", many of the lines begin with "it is". Personally I would not want people to draw that comparison. I looked through all your work that had no comments and this is the one I like the most so there you go.
I don't know why list poems are so often avoided. This was heartbreaking in its simplicity. There are a million words for sadness but we all know it immediately when we spot it, even just for a split second, in the slope of a neck and a sigh.

But it still feels so fucking bad.
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