I have a Ibanez RG270 and have had it tuned to drop B for some time now. I tried tuning it back to standard and couldnt so tried tuning it back to drop B and am struggling. Does anyone have any tips on how i am meant to tune this guitar?

I'm in class so i can't look at the guitar. Is it a floyd rose? if so that's the problem. if not then what do you mean you are having problems? You should elaborate more. What string gauge are you using? maybe your action isn't set to handle that drastic of a tuning change


Okay so it is a floyd rose. THAT is your problem. Drop B is a 5 semitone downtune on the low E and 3 semitones on the other 5 strings. That is a MASSIVE change for a floyd rose. There is no way you will ever be able to tune it half assed with the fine tuners etc. You have to PROPERLY tune it. This is why i hate my floyd rose and regret buying it.. because i can't just change tunings in a couple seconds, and i change tunings a lot.
It actually blows my mind that you bought this guitar without realizing that floyd rose's require a completely different approach to tuning.
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It does have a Floyd.

I would suggest that you need to keep tuning over and over until the bridge has balanced itself out. I only ever had one guitar with one because I hate the things but retuning it always took some time.
Fix the bridge in place first. I often use a small battery wrapped in a paper towel and put that under the bridge to keep it fixed.
After the bridge is level and stays there...tune the guitar...remove whatever you use to keep it fixed in place.
Now you should be close in tuning, so just fine tune until you're in perfect tune.
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Cheers for the help guys got it sussed.

Yeah I was told when i bought it they were tuned differently I was just struggling to get it tuned with the bridge being unlevel.