I have been playing an les paul epi standard plus top pro, Which I love. it sounds awesome! so I then picked up an ibanez with a floating tremlo. its the rg series rg370
it sounds like shit,i mean notes just dont sound good, cant keep it in tune either. could it just need to be setup? but then again i cant even keep it in tune
Yeah it's probably not intonated. Read the FR sticky, https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=614226 learn how to set it up and it should be better then.
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Besides the fact that it probably needs a setup, Ibanez is known for putting pretty mediocre pickups in their guitars stock. My girlfriend recently purchased an S571 and I find myself reaching for the tone nob all the time as it sounds like it is turned down compared to my other guitars. So if you can swing it, you'd definitely benefit from a pickup swap at some point as well.
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Get it set up and I have a similar guitar and ended up just blocking the floating trem as I felt staying in tune was more important.
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