There's my Album. You'll either like one of the songs or hate all of them. You can decide the genre. To get the whole vibe of the album listen to the whole thing obviously. If you just pick one song then you will leave with a complete misunderstanding. It's Ryan Antlitz Music by the way.

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hmm I wasn't too into it. I did like the second half better than the first half though. The problem I have is the first half sounds to me like random ideas being stitched together and none of them are really expanded upon.

Also, I think this music would benefit a lot from a having a real drummer. If you could get a really sick jazz drummer playing with you a lot of these songs (especially the second half) would have been quite nice.

I'm going to give some music to listen to. I don't mean you need to sound like these guys are anything or even that their better than you, but I think that you would like it.

First is Don Caballero, an instrumental punk band kinda thing
Don Caballero

And Snarky Puppy, a fusion thing
Snarky Puppy

I hope I don't sound like a prick and I'm sharing music just because I think you would like it (if you don't know these bands already of course)
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A good drummer is on my list of things to find. Which is partially the reason I put out this "Album" is to display my talent or lack there of in order to find different musicians to play with. Thanks for your feedback, I'll have to listen to those tunes.
Ah should have said this before, but I think your bass playing is fantastic. And I think a lot of your ideas are really cool. If I was a drummer I would try to hook up with you.
Thank you that means a lot. I'll find SOMEONE to groove with eventually haha.