Hi all,

I originally posted earlier in the week with the view to potentially move on my guitar and have finally decided to take the massive decision to pass it on to one of you should you like what you see!

The guitar is truly a remarkable piece of art and engineering comprising of a unique design cast in a magnesium alloy. This materials chemistry really does show it's excellence in the sound that is producible as an electric guitar.

Is he has been a big love in my life but I need to move on and let someone else hold the pride of ownership and enjoy as much as I have all these years.

Please check her out on eBay, the item id is;


The cost to have a production like this would be phenomenal. I was very lucky to be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to develop my long standing idea.

Thanks for reading, any questions or queries you may have please get in touch.

Cheers guys,


Thanks for that - I will try to remove links and words to that effect.

I can't edit my post. I am really sorry UG for not reading the T's and C's first and foremost. Could you please remove my post for me so I can re-write it / attach images, etc.

Kind regards in advance