Hey everybody, I recently purchased an epiphone 1958 korina explorer from a friend and when I got it, I saw that the bridge was a bit rusted or worn out and was thinking I should replace it....my choice is a tonepros metric locking tune-o-matic/tailpiece set, what do you think about that?

And I also plan on upgrading the tuners to sperzel locking tuners- the trim lok tuners.
And adding EMG 81/60s to get the metallica sound.

So overall, I want to get the explorer as close as James hetfield's as possible...is it worth it?

Ps. Money is no object so don't ask for my budget!
why not get the Het Set then instead of the 81/60 since there is a slight difference.
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I tried the het set, didn't feel right to me...the neck of the 60 is better than the het set' whereas the bridge 81 sounds the same.
My tone pros bridge has a pretty poor finish on it, wore off easily and I wipe it down every time I play.

I'd go for the 81/60 though.
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