I've just been given a Bill Lawrence L90xl pickup from someone who no longer needed it, and is happy for me to sell it should I want to.
I've done some research and found out it was made in the 1970's, it certainly looks like it was. The pickup has been tested and its working fine, measuring 14.25 k ohms.

The only thing I can't find anywhere is a current day value for the pickup, ebay doesn't have any on-I've tried the uk and usa versions, and no matter which forums I go on, there isn't any price information.

So, does anyone have any ideas about a price for this pickup, its in decent condition.
Price in pounds please, as I'm in the United Kingdom.


If you do an advanced search in eBay, you can search through completed listings, should give you an idea to go from.
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^ +1

Multiple listings sold for $75-80.
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Hi, I wasn't aware of that option on Ebay, thanks for the information.

Thanks for the pricing help, that gives me a ballpark figure to work from.

Thanks guys.