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Evening everybody.

Recently just bought a bass as my band couldn't find a bassist so i've given myself the job. We cover Madness by MUSE and it sounds fine on a dry bass guitar but i would like an effect to add a synth like tone to it.

I have a lot of guitar effects but i've never bought anything like POG's and synth pedals. So i was wondering if any of you could offer advice as too which pedal would be great for a synth style tone for me.

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i've managed to get pretty close with a bass balls and an octave multiplexer. i would imagine ideally you'd need something similar to the EHX bass microsynth but they're around £170. you could also just add a big muff on to the bass and leave it at that, not going to be too similar but short of buying a misa kitara you aren't going to.

i went on a bit of an EHX fanstreak there..
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I've got a spare big muff lying around, i'll grab a noise gate or a compressor to smooth it out abit.

Thanks man.
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I use a Dunlop 535q set to low frequency to get that subtle wah sound. It sounds great in my bedroom, not sure about in a band setting.

Edit: Along with a big muff.
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You could try taking a look at the Muse tone videos posted by this guy. I can't remember if Madness was included but it might help, if only through the pedal list in the first volume.
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