It's a very simple song, slow and drawn out. It's lazy and sad.
I don't really do too many "choruses" but any comments or critiques are welcome.

I've been smoking lots of weed
Drinking tea that helps me sleep
Someone got the best of me
You'd best believe
I was left here on my own
Body feeling like styrofoam
I tried to use my phone
But it won't turn on

Over and over again

She said
Somethings creeping up on me
I can feel it at my feet
Take the next left on this street
What's left to see

I hear knocking
I can't stop it
In my chair I'm rocking
Back and forth and I just ignore

She said
What am i gonna do
With you(x2)

Over and over again
"Dude, am I really thinking or am I, just like, thinking that I'm thinking?" -Bill Nye


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