So Im going to the doc soon for Carpel Tunnel, basically thumb, index, and middle fingers on both hands are going numb...this is not guitar related but guitar is aggravating it so I've cut down alot on playing(especially mandolin lol). I am a Bicycle Assembler/Mechanic and the tool use brought it on(now wearing Mechanics Gloves but kinda late on that part!).

Question is...Cortisone shots...how soon does it usually take for it to reduce symptoms? Been icing wrists like crazy and honestly rarely picking up my guitars/mandolin.

Icing does help but as far as playing, playing will make the numbing come on VERY quickly EVEN with proper wrist posture etc.
Sorry to hear about your trouble. Though different, I feel your pain. I have GvHD from a bone marrow transplant after having blood cancer and two years of chemo, but hey, at least we both still have hands :-).

On a serious note, my father plays guitar and had carpel tunnel. From what I remember, cortisone shots will relieve rather quickly and you should feel much better that day, but they can only be done so many times. After that, you are looking at surgery. My dad, grandfather, and grandmother had the surgery and their hands are fine now.

I read somewhere once that carpel tunnel is created at night. A hard-working hand abuses the muscles and then while sleeping, your hands might tuck in toward your forearms. Apparently the shrinking occurs from that, so a wrist brace at night and proper hand / wrist stretches should help somewhat.

Good luck my friend.
Sorry to hear man

You've probably looked into it a lot but I'm gonna go and post this anyway in case you hadn't heard of this guy


Mike has had to adapt his playing, his gear, etc. and as far as I know they haven't cancelled a single show because of his condition ever since he had his surgery

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