And I remember the days when we were young and had no worries.
Nostalgia fills my mind. It keeps me up at night.
We had dreams of better things- living life like we were kings.
But sometimes life has other plans. And your intentions are abandoned.

You're left to choose from passion or value.
A fork in the road intends to divide you- body and soul.

The earth crumbles beneath your feet. You feel like the world stops spinning.
People like robots flood the street. They have no desire within them.
But it happens to everyone someday. We grow up and throw our hopes away.
We swear there's no way it could happen to me, then dismiss what makes us unique.
Thrown in at the deep end with no way to prepare.

"Won't you stand in line?" It echoes through your mind.
You think about it all the time and it eats you up inside.

Nothing to lose- it's just hard to grow up.
Doing things alone is harder than you thought it could be.

Are you prepared?

- To hear "Ghosts" go to www.soundcloud.com/shadowtagsc/ghosts
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