Well my birthday is coming up and I'll be getting a new Guitar with the money I get from it, and recently I've been looking to get a type of Flying V with a Floyd Rose. I've been wanting a Alexi Laiho ESP because I mainly play Children of Bodom songs and Alexi has been my Guitar idol for the last year or two. I've been looking around Craigslist for some Alexi ESP's and the best price I found was around $500 which is pretty good considering the model and the normal price is $1,000. If I don't end up getting an Alexi ESP, I don't really know of some other Flying V's that I like. Any other good V's with a Floyd Rose?
Another vote for the RR3, though you are not going to find a new one that easily because they are discontinued because the jackson/charvel japan factory shut down.

Alexi played a RR24 when he was with Jackson http://www.pisd.net/pisd/hs/students/silvas-d/Alexi2.jpg so i guess a RR24 would be another choice because his entire sig range is based off of the rr24. If you want the ORIGINAL Alexi guitar go buy the RR24.

The reason why I vote against the alexi 600 is simply because the rhoads range exists and because because the rhoads range is a more "Neutral" looking sig. There's always the "image" controversy to rile up again, but that's already been discussed

Also another thing. ESP was forced to make the right wing of the alexi V to be longer so it doesn't resemble the RR range exactly so they don't get sued (just like the LP/Eclispse situation)
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Consider the Fernandes Vortex line:


They have a couple available from their direct-sales store:
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Might try finding a used Carvin Ultra V (http://www.carvinguitars.com/catalog/guitars/ultrav ):

There are a TON of different configurations (largely because they're semi-custom these days), including headstock variations, woods, pickups, trems, etc. But it's the same basic kind of guitar; an asymmetric V with a Floyd, neck-through, 24 frets. It's a 25" scale rather than 25.5".
I wouldnt get an RR3.
Wayy to neck heavy
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