Hey there,

I've a budget of ~ 700$. I need a good versatile amp to play Atmospheric Black and Post Metal stuff, in the vein of the newer Black Metal sonority (Deathspell Omega, Blut aus Nord, Agalloch, Falloch, etc...). Right know I only play small venues and bars, and I'm using a 6505+ 1x12, but tbh, I feel like it has too much power/gain and I don't really like the clean tone of it at all, something which I use a lot in the middle of the songs, creating atmospheric layers and stuff. Yet about the Peavey, it's a super amp, and for the price it beats any other amp easily if you're aiming for total chaos, tons of resonance, treble and etc. However, the style of music that I'm playing requires a more versatile amp as I've said.

I'm using a Jackson DKMGT with EMG81/85; in some bits of the songs I use a Little Big Muff (To get a muffed yet full of sustain Sunn O))) sound), Behringer Chorus and Nux Time Core. I would prefer to stick to the amp's distortion by the way!

Thank you.
Not sure if this is what you meant, but when I saw Deafheaven they were using Marshall DSL/TSLs.
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