So I'm thinking of buying an ESP/LTD guitar, the homepage says it has a Thin U neck contour. I currently own an Epi Standard which neck profile i have no idea of. Could anyone enlighten me on how the two necks compare?
The guitar --> Here
It will be thinner than the Epiphone.
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Thinner, smoother, and imo more comfortable to play on.
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Same. Epiphone necks are definitely chunkier. I was surprised how much chunkier when I went from a Viper to an Epiphone SG-400. The Epi neck was still playable, but the difference in the thinner LTD neck is pretty big imo. Chunky necks aren't really my thing.
Okay, thank you for the responses. Im also interested in the Zakk Wylde signature guitar which says it has a Slim C? Is it like the epi-s neck but thinner?

Also, i was surprised by the replies. I thought the other way around because my Standard has quite a thin neck compared to the other guitar necks that ive seen from other companies. For example, my band mate has an LTD F-100FM if im not mistaken, and on the webpage it says that the guitar also has a thin u neck contour, but when i played his guitar, the neck felt huge in comparison.
95% of all recent Epis do have a so called "60s slim taper" type neck

though the neckshape still is different on many guitars