What is the general thought on the easiest, most comfortable acoustic guitar to play. What makes the difference? The neck width, the string height, the fretting ease.


what's easy and comfy for one person isn't for another. for me, a guitar with a narrow neck is uncomfortable to play - i prefer a minimum of 1 13/16", while others prefer the standard, slender nut of 1 11/16", which i dislike. string height - that's called action, and it's always going to be more comfortable and easier lower, but some people prefer higher strings for a variety of reasons including a particular tone or volume. fretting ease is going to be mostly about action (string height) and the strings you use.

so most of what you're asking comes down to action. for decades i played guitars with necks that were too wide for me or too narrow, and every freaking one of them needed a set-up, only i had never heard of a set-up. now my guitars are much easier to play. btw, round core strings are easier to play than hex core strings, and lighter gauges are easier than heavier. i particularly like thomastic plectrums - they are super low tension, and after a few day break-in period, they sound great.

but there's also body size - smaller is comfier - and neck profile. i prefer a rounded or oval neck to a V, D or U profile. a soft V is okay, but i prefer something rounder.
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