Would you recommend EMGs (81/85) or Blackouts (AHB-1) in a mahogany guitar tuned down to C#?
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Whichever you prefer.
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If you prefer a darker and heavier tone, you might want to go for Blackouts.

However, if you want maximum versatility, I'd go for 89/60 combo.
I've been using a 81/89 combo for a while now and I've got nothing bad to say about it, I love the sounds I get. I tune down to D and use a Gibson LP Studio.

To add, if your amp isn't up to it, the pickup upgrade will be worthless.
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Running an 81/60 in my LTD MH 400 NT, nothing wrong with it at all. Lovely combo. and that guitar is in drop A#
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If you have the money get Bare Knuckles man, best pickups ever. I like them alot better than actives actually.
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I've used a combo of EMG 60/81 and the Blackouts ABH1's and I massively prefer the EMGs, I currently have them installed in my LTD EC (mahogany) and it sounds crystal clear, searing hot output and aggressive tone for Drop D stuff like older Trivium, LoG etc. I'd recommend them for what you got, but it would be best if you can try out both first.
I've always preferred Blackouts to the EMG 81/60 /85. They are heavier and give an overall better tone
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Would you recommend EMGs (81/85) or Blackouts (AHB-1) in a mahogany guitar tuned down to C#?

My personal preference is for the Blackouts, but I really have no issues with the EMGs.
I have Blackout AHB1s in my mahogany Schecter, and I tune that guitar to C# Standard, and they sound pretty damned good to me. I haven't tried EMGs through my rig to compare though.

The Blackouts are very clear at that tuning, but provide a nice degree of thickness and warmth too. Admittedly, I don't use the neck pickup for leads all that often -- just cleans mostly. I'd like to try a lower-output active neck pickup for that reason, as my 6505 already struggles with cleans.
i have a lp tuned to drop c and i like the emg 85 in the bridge it sounds a little more organic than the 81 and has a better pick attack