Poll: Which of the 2 guitars should i buy?
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Tom DeLonge Fender Stratocaster (MiM)
2 50%
Fender Toronado GT HH
2 50%
Voters: 4.
Okay, so i my style that i play is punk. I'm intersted in buying a 2001 Tom DeLonge Fender Strat in near mint condition with a TKL hardcase. This guitar is perfect for my style, but does not have much versatility. This would cost me 700$-730$. The other guitar i'm considering is a 2004 Fender Toronado GT (MINT CONDITION). This guitar's cosmetics are awesome and its good for my style, but is a lot more versatile. This i guitar would cost me a little more than 550$. Both guitars have great reviews, but which guitar is worth money? Keep in mind that i'm on a budget and i'm planning on buying a new amp for around $150-$300. I need some opinions on both guitars and how to help with my budget! PLEASE HELP!
Really you want to be spending more on an amp than a guitar with that sort of budget. With that in mind, get the more versatile cheaper of the two you mentioned if you're 100% fixed on one of those two. I'd be more inclined to to recommend a cheaper guitar with a little better budget for an amp.
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Since you're looking for opinion, I'd go with the Toronado. Simply because it's not a signature model and more versatile. But you should just play both and decide which one plays better for you. :p