Hello, I am looking to buy a new guitar, but there are so many different options within my budget. I could go Fender, ESP, Ibanez, Epiphone, Schecter, the list goes on. After reading the "Noobs - if you want real 'Which Guitar' help please provide the following:" thread, I have this information.

Favorite Artists: Metallica, Megadeth, Five Finger Death Punch, Slipknot, Rob Chapman (Focus more on the first 2, lol)

Preferences: I am open to shape, preferably a rather thin, fast neck with XJ frets, and I dont care about the number of frets (whether 22 or 24). I know of some brands, like I mentioned, such as Fender, ESP, Ibanez, Epiphone, and Schecter that all have good guitars within this budget.

Pickups: Preferably EMG's (81/60 or 57/66), but, on a guitar with a cost lower than/equal to $550 or so, I will be willing to change the pickups myself.

New or Used: New Preferably, but a B Stock or a nice used wouldnt be bad.

Location: Closest "Mapped" location (For Craigslist use, if you would) Winston Salem, NC.

I plan on purchasing a Blackstar HT20 soon, if that is any help.

One guitar that stood out to me is the Fender Blacktop Stratocaster with Telecaster pickup in the middle. I dont know why, but, something about it I really love. If I got it, I would change the pickups to the EMG JH Set or 57/66's.

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Try a used LTD-1000 series, they run $500ish. Then use the leftover money you have to add with your amp budget and get something better than the HT series. Maybe the Jet City JCA 22/50 amps. If you go used, www.guitarcenter.com/usedgear has some great deals on used gear and excellent prices. Krank Rev Jr and a Krank 1x12 cab would cost $400ish and destroy the HT series.
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How bout this LTD EC 1000 VB, I've been looking at maybe picking one up also, it's a B stock...


I just bought one of these and it is of high quality from construction to hardware... very happy with the purchase. I also found a promo code online which made it 15% cheaper than the posted price. So make sure to search google for current Guitar Center promo codes.

Ibanez RG Iron Label? They're brand new and I haven't played them, but they come with EMGs stock.
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