Technical Groove Metal from Vancouver, BC. This debut album takes place in the Warhammer 40k universe.

Band: Exterminatus
Tracks: 11

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Josh McHaffie of [Dawning of the Inferno] - Vocals
Eli Slamang of [Tortorex / Warlock Enforced] - Guitars
Max Sepulveda [Baryon] - Drums
Sean Leask [Xenocide] - Bass
Tabreez Azad [Xenocide] - Guitars/Vocals

Also featuring guest musicians:
Guest vocals by Mike Greenwood [AngelMaker]
Guest vocals by Brian Storm [For Salvation]
Guest guitar solo by Paul Ozz [Paul Ozz Music / Auroch]
Guest guitar solo by Dean Lamb [Archspire]

Co-produced/Mixed/Engineered by Andrew Baena [Galactic Pegasus / Cordyceps]
"Our revenge so everlasting sweet,
Enslave your Children, Behead the weak,
Kill every last Man, Woman and Machine
The cleansing has begun.
Your meek defense is foolish,
we come from the stars a trillion strong."