So after a show I had with my band last night I just can't get this out of my head and really would like some outsider thoughts on my situation.

I play in a three piece psychedelic kind of garage rock infused band.
We use lots of pedals, I switch from bass to guitar and have a cool little board I can set up in like 2 mins and be ready to go.

My other guitar player on the other hand...she's a huge scatter brain and has no board (which doesn't bother me, I've played in bands with dudes that don't use a board and set up with a reasonable amount of time) she takes forever to set up and it leaves us awkwardly waiting for her to finish every.time. this is a huge part due to her not fully being aware of the ins and outs of her own gear, once she also finally sets up she always will strum her guitar, tweak the pedals go back to seeing how the guitar sounds, over and over.

These things really bother me because I feel she could just take note of the settings the pedals are on for each song and avoid taking so long.

The thing is: I don't know how to bring this up to her, I really don't want to come off as sounding rude because I love that shes even exists being a girl into pedals, jamming and productivity where were from is so so hard to come by and I don't want to taint anything. But I also really want to progress as a band, get tighter and get asked to play more shows and I feel like with her being so spaced out all the time that will do the opposite.

Like I said were a three piece and I feel like our drummer wont say anything because, well they're dating and have been for a while now (even before the band started) were also all roommates and I feel I can say after living with them for a year I can tell that she can sometimes be an oblivious bully to him sometimes and he is a bit of a pushover so I know he wont be bringing any of this up to her even if it does bother him as well. So my question is: what are your thoughts on this? should I say something? how should I say it?
First, is she any good? If she's got an awesome tone or is amazing at what she's doing, then you might want to consider that perhaps its a mental thing, like a warmup ritual or meditation to get into the right headspace. If so, thats not a process you want to just wipe out by labelling the setting for the next song. You will need to gently work on that, perhaps by having long ambient intros or something instead of tweaking..

On the other hand, if she's just randomly pissing about and finding the tone by trial and error, you can mention that the times between songs is really long and the audience can't wait through noodling and tweaking, youeonlyehave a few seconds to get it right. In thisecase writing down settings could speed it up. She might appreciate it rather than having to struggle eachetime, who knows. Also, if you are not already doing it, its good to practice your set fromestart to finish as if you are onstage, and that means no extra noodles between songs and a quick transition, even taking a piss break isn't really acceptable in a live setting and if you wanna get your set to a polished state then youereally need to address this. You could video yourselves to see how your set is shaping up, and maybe then point out the long times (along with all the other issues you'll see). could be an easy way to approach the subject.