So im in the market for a I guess mid watt tube amp. I don't play venues big enough to demand some 100 watt head and if I did play venues that big I would just mic this amp through the PA. My question is I guess how well does the emulated out on the HT40 work? I like the tone on both amps so that will be the deciding factor. Even if I run the mic'd blackstar 50/50 with the emulated out.

Thanks for any replies, im new hear and this is my first post.
You don't need a big amp to play a large venue. The bigger the venue the more the FoH will be from the PA so it's not even a consideration because if anything, the bigger the venue the smaller the amp you need. The question is "how loud is your drummer?" and that's an issue of onstage sound.

But regardless:
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To answer your actual question...

I have the HT5, have limited use of the emulated out. What I've heard of it though is that it's pretty passable in terms of the sound. As far as I know though it mutes the speaker, so you'd have to choose one or the other. It would probably work well for bedroom practice!