F.Y.I. Im a total noob.
So, I have a a Marshall 8100 head, and recently it crapped out on me. (I know.. they suck even when they do work...) So I've been looking at this thread Here
It looks like it should have a Marshall ECC 83 tube already in the pre amp.. which i'm assuming is no good now. (The amp still turns on, so I doubt its a fuse)
Are their any other good replacements for this? (Hopefully that cost less)
I guess i'll drop more $ on the right one if I HAVE to.. any recommendations?
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Wait until somebody else confirms this but I'm pretty sure that's just a 12AX7 tube. Meaning, any brand 12AX7 will work. I'd buy a JJ 12AX7 for $12 and be done with it. Probably better than what was originally in there anyway...
^ what is said is exactly right.

that is what I would do.

This is a Valvestate amp so it is a hybrid of sorts - which means it could be something completely different but let just hope all you need is a 12AX7 tube.

v....Great advice too. Forgot about that.
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First plug your guitar cable into the FX loop return jack on the back of the amp. see if any sound comes out of the amp at all.

If you get sound, then replace the 12ax7. If you get no sound, something is wrong in the power-amp.

Just an easy test for you to do.
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ECC83 is same as 12AX7. I have a JJ in mine. While the tube does not do much (unsure about 1 gen Valvestates, but in 2 gen its just a buffer for some color) in Valvestates it does affect the sound negatively when it goes dud so its a good idea to change that old heavily used Marshall tube out if there is still one.

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That Marshall tube is probably an Ei going by the vintage. They weren't a bad tube actually, i still have one in my JCM900. Anything will do though. If I was to choose one blind for the tone of that particular amp it would be a JJ ECC83S.

Btw ECC83 is the international standards designation for a 12AX7. ie they are the same thing. The S on the end is just a manufacturer's code.
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