Hey all,
I am jonesing for a new guitar and I am sort of in a dilemma. I want a strat style guitar with a Floyd and have found the Fender Blacktop HH and the Jackson Adrian Smith SDX. Any opinions on these? They are both in the price range for what I want to spend. Any help would be appreciated.

Whats your budget? You can usually get an Ibanez RG1570 used for the price of either of those new, if not cheaper. That'll come with an edge bridge (similar to floyd) and super strat body type with thin neck and made in japan craftmanship!
My budget is about $500, but I am looking at these two guitars because I can get them thru zZounds .com with their "pay as you play" deal for about $150 for 4 months. Can probably get an Ibanez there too, but had my eye on these two. For one, I'm trying to move up to a slightly better guitar than my Squier strat or my Pawn Shop Rescue Washburn. Also partly to have an actual Fender or Jackson. Not the biggest Ibanez fan tbh.
As far as I know, the blacktop doesn't come with a floating tremelo. So the Adrian Smith should be the better choice, also more versatile due to the HSS setup.
i'd rather have a good ibanez than a mediocre jackson or fender, but it's your call

also if you have to buy on credit that might sway things a bit.

try to get one with a decent quality floyd, that's the main thing. at your budget, even an frt-x000 would go down in the win column. some manufacturers might offer those bridges within your budget (though obviously getting a far worse guitar just to get the trem might not be the best plan, either).
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Another option for you that you might consider, cheaper option at that too. Is a kramer Striker 211 FR, I think they run for $380. I had one a year ago and it was pretty nice, the floyd stayed in tune decently and played nicely. Mine had a bit of rough fret edges, but nothing too bad.
I have the jackson, it has the most comfortable neck I have played, I love it. And it's gorgeous.

On the other hand the neck pickup is quite weak compared with the bridge one. The floyd is original but the Special one (not germany made), it stays in tune just fine but some people say that it wears easily. And mine was poorly setted up.

Other than that, and if you know how to set it up on your own, it's a great guitar for the price.