Hey guys,

This is the first song that I've recorded. This is just a rough demo, but I would really like to have some criticism. This is just the first 3rd of the song. There is no bass and I'm thinking of doing the guitars over.

Please tell me what you think!

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For a first recording that's kick-ass! What mic/mics are you using? The guitars sounded a little muddy, but the groove and the timing was right on. The middle part reminded me of SOAD. Then I saw the bit about banana banana terracotta pie and it all made sense. Anyways, the drumming sounded pretty good. (I'm assuming it was programmed) I suck at programming drums so kudos. Keep it up. If you want to check mine out it's at https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1614404
Did you double track your rhythms for the song ? Cuz I think I can only hear a guitar on the right and nothing on the left. The tone is good by itself but it needs to fill up the song.

The drums sound very organic which is no mean feat. Did you program them or is this all a live recording by any chance ? Anyways the song has a very 80's metal vibe to it that I'm digging.Just up your recording know-how and you'll be good to go.

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Thanks for the critiques guys.

I'm using one Sterling audio st-51 condenser mic. I'm trying to get more clarity in my guitar tones but it's a bit hard. As far as recording them I record two tracks of the rhythm, both from the same take. Then the same for the lead guitar.

Then as far as mixing. I Pan-ed the two tracks one all the way left, the other all the way right. Then I pan-ed the lead 30 left and 30 right and turned up the volume on that track a tad. And as far as drums go, there programmed.

Any tips on getting better mix quality?
Gibson Thunderhorse
Jackson RR24M
B52 AT100
I really liked the drums and the rhythm guitar (AP). The melody was nice, very power metalish. Tones need some work, very muddy and I think you need to look at your tones in context of the whole track. The tone mix could be improved.

Cool track, needs a bit of work, but solid beginning.

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If you hadn't mentioned you were using condensers, I wouldn't have known what to tell you on your mix concern, but now that I know it's painfully obvious, to me.

When I was starting to record, when I'd use a dynamic like an SM57, I liked the body and the punch but the clarity wasn't there. When I tried my condensers, it inevitably got too colored by the room sound and too thin because of the emphasis on the top end- that's what I'm hearing in yours. With a close miced dynamic like an SM-57 or, what I use, a Sennheiser E609, mixed with your condenser tracks to your liking, you'll be able to get clarity and oomph in whatever balance you like. If you get a chance to rerecord your condenser tracks in a bigger space, it might not be a bad idea, either- the guitar tracks sound eerily close to my condenser tracks, and I record with my mic and amp in a closet for noise isolation reasons. A bigger room could yield a bigger sound.

The song itself fits the genre quite well. What drum software are you using?

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