In serious need of a new amp to get that SRV bluesy sound. Im using a 92 SSS strat w/a ibanez tubescreamer on the way but really need some advice on amps to match. I'm a fender guy first but i have played through some of the VOX amps and they sound great too. What does everyone think? Looking to spend about $300. I def need something with reverb but really don't think i need a combo amp with a bunch of effects ill never use. PLEASE HELP!!
2nd, 3rd, 4th, and infinitely agree with a Blues Jr. You'll be able to find one for around $300 used, although it is likely you'll end up needing to stretch a little more for one. You could also get away with a Marshall Class 5, but that voicing isn't typically associated with SRV. Definitely think Blues Jr. is your best option, and it's such a great baseline amp that if (and when) your style changes/evolves in the future, you won't be up sh*t creek without an amp, because the FBJ handles effects and various styles quite nicely.
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yeah srv is more fendery, but as you said, voxes have nice cleans too and would "work". It's really up to you, it just depends on whether you want to get as close to srv as possible (in which case go tube fender) or just want a tone you like which will work for those type of tones (in which case it's totally your call, whichever you prefer, really).

a tubescreamer might work better with a fender amp- but it's probably not too sensible buying an amp to suit a pedal you already have. you can always buy another pedal for not too much.
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Peavey Classic 30 might interest you as well, although I'd side with a Blues Jr with everyone else.
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