***Please give me advice, opinions or tips on any of the pickups/humbuckers.***
*If installed/purchased these pick-ups/humbuckers would be placed in a Fender Stratocaster*

I want to have a pop-punk kind of sound.


-Gibson Dirty Fingers

-Seymour Duncan Invaders


-Seymour Duncan Hot Rails

-Dimarzio Fast Tracks

Okay first, humbuckers are pickups. Pickups can be separated into two categories. Single coils and humbuckers. Second, It seems to me that you chose two humbuckers from Tom Delonge's guitars. While humbuckers may be optimal for Pop-punk, what other equipment are you using? The amp matters a lot more.
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RealGuitarHero beat me to it, but I'll leave the original text intact:

Humbuckers are a type of pickup, and the Hot Rails and Fast Tracks are humbuckers as they have two separate coils for hum cancellation. I think the distinction you are going for is between full size humbuckers and single coil size humbuckers. The question is what size do you need to fit your guitar? Any of those pickups will work fine for pop punk, as would the stock singles in most Strats. The deciding factor is the amplifier and effects you are using. Don't spend your money on pickups if you aren't very close to the sound that you want, as it won't get you there.
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Try a Washburn W423 or W623 in the bridge. They're cheap and they have a grittiness that goes well with pop-punk. There's a guy on eBay who sells NOS 623s for $16-$20 delivered and the 423s pop up regularly for about the same price. Being maybe the least versatile guitar player you'd ever meet, I've installed them in all my guitars and they do very well for that particular genre. They give you that cranked tube amp sound at lower volumes than anything I've tried without any fuzziness or muddiness.

Note: The 423, my preference, is a tad bit grittier than the 623.

Remove V1 & V6. Put the 12AX7 from V1 into V6 and leave V1 empty. Try the vibrato channel.
i'd have thought those ones you listed weren't that versatile.

is your guitar routed for a full-sized humbucker at the bridge?

what's your amp?
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Well... I hate the Invader. Messy muddy pickup. Not big on the Dirty Fingers either. PERSONALLY I'd use either a Duncan JB or Distortion or a Dimarzio Norton or maybe a Super Distortion for that kind of sound.
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