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Hello guitarist, here is an informal tip to you all!
Never play A detuned guitar ever, it will damage your note recognition capacity and will also make your guitar sound drastically awkward!
Trust me this is commonsense but many people ignore this rule, strange!
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So as an owner of a 7 string, which is naturally tuned lower, wat do?
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Quote by reincarnator
So as an owner of a 7 string, which is naturally tuned lower, wat do?

well, obviously your guitar must now sound awkward.
my advice would be to un-detune it, so that it can relax and play comfortable again
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You mean... I can't play A7X Nightmare any more???

Oh man...

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Quote by tappooh
Some people are so slow... its quite obvious he means "out of tune" not detuned as in tuned lower than standard.

It was obvious yes, but that doesn't make the thread any less dumb than it is... totally pointless and stupid thread.
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yeah i have no idea why i haven't locked this yet!
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