Hey all, found this at my local opshop - apparently it had been sitting in their storeroom for 2 years before I asked about guitars. I got it for AUD$50 and it came with a metric ton of dust.
I need advice from you guys, but i'll dump a few pics first:

Straight after getting it


After cleaning it and swapping the strings for an old set I had lying around (also, fender for life)


The mystery brand




Ok, does anybody know anything about this brand? I read somewhere that it's from the early 70's and that its got a plywood body - seems pretty accurate, its pretty heavy.
Also, does anyone know a relatively safe way to check if it's got a nitro or poly coat? It'll make cleaning a lot easier knowing which chemicals can be used.

The actual guitar feels so vintage its not funny. It's got a typical strat fat c-shape neck, the body had typical relic-ish wear marks (can't really see it in the pics though) and the pickups sound like they're straight from fender - the bridge pickup has that classic vintage sound.

I'll try and get some more photos up in a few day's time if people are interested
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HNGD; I've never heard of that brand.
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HNGD; I've never heard of that brand.

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