I've just started building up a pedal board and I know from years of using my tuner pedal that the batteries don't last too long and leaving the lead in the input jack will drain the battery.

I've just bought a power box that will power up to 6 pedals, which is great but I want to leave the batteries in them as well for back up. I've also been looking at the jack couplers to save space on my board but using them will make it more of a mess on each time making sure the jack is not left in the input.

So, if I leave the power supply jack in the pedal (not connected to power box) and the input jack as well, will this still drain the battery or will the battery not be affected because the power supply is connected (even tho there is no power going thru it)?

Basically, I'm just looking for the least time consuming way of setting up and packing up while still having the battery as back up!

Hope that make sense! Cheers guys.
When the power plug is plugged into the pedal, it disconnects the battery.
I used to keep a battery in my tuner pedal so I could pull it off the board when I went out to give lessons.
I pulled all the batteries out of my pedals. I use a One-Spot to power everything I have. While you can leave batteries in your pedals for a backup, do consider the fact that they can eventually leak. If this happens, it can make quite the mess.