I have been using UG for about three years, both on the iPad and desktop access.

I was using e-chords, but switched over to UG because of the iPad version.

What I liked about e-chords, I can't seem to find with UG.

Here's what I'm trying to do, maybe the much more experienced UG members can help me here:

1. Would love to use UG iPad app when I play out, instead of printing everything out and keeping it in a 3 ring binder. I know I could/should memorize everything, but this is a hobby and not my full time job.

2. Would like to organize the music in playlists (e-chords calls them songbooks)

3. Would like to have a better sync between the "desktop" (browser based) version and the ipad version of UG. For example, if/when I organize my songs in playlists, it would be nice for it to sync to my ipad and/or to my desktop version of UG.

Any ideas, thoughts, help?

Thanks very much.

You can bookmark pages/tabs in your browser. Organise them into different folders.
Can probably save them so that they're available in offline mode.
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