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Dedicated amp tones or processor ssimulated amp tones?
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I don't think anyone in their right mind can honestly prefer simulated tones over real amp tones.

People may say they do, but what they probably really mean is that they prefer the flexibility of modeling units, which is a valid point.
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I'll take the real deal any day. I do think that processors have their place, I use a Line 6 POD XT for silent practice
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There are a lot of local bands 'round here who use effects processors through their amps for their tone (as in, through the clean channel). Many of these guys actually have decent mid to high-end tube amps. So I guess these people exist. Although I prefer real amps.
I definitely prefer real amps for the sound and character, but a modelling unit gives you soooo much more possibilites I would choose one ofthem if I had to decide what to buy.

Also, playing djent I really like AXE-FX's sounds :P
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But yeah, it's called "modeling" for a reason - it emulates the real thing. So it will never sound better than the real thing. It may sound as good as the real thing but it can never sound better than it because it's trying to emulate it.
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