I really want to learn some new songs on bass, but speed is an issue. I want to learn something as well as honing my skills. I learned some of Necropedophile and Hammer Smashed Face, as well as some Mastodon songs hahah. The main issue is finger speed. So are there any songs you would recommend me that would help bolster my finger skills as well as being technical enough not to be boring?
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I don't know about bass, but I enjoyed learning some Lamb of God stuff a while ago, on guitar. If you're going through Cannibal Corpse though, you won't have much trouble with it
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Maybe some obscura songs? My brother really enjoys the bass from them. He likes it so much that he is going to get a 6 string fret less bass. Obscuras anti cosmic overload is pretty good for practice. But if you want develop speed I suggest you learn some angra. My brothers speed really increased by learning their power metal bass lines. Look into their song temple of hate( Felipe andreoli is a beast bass player)
Also learn some cynic if you can but Sean malone's bass playing is no walk in the park. I suggest their simple song how could I. And if want a bigger challenge learn veil of maya. Hope this helps because these bass players did some serious improvement onto my brothers bass playing.
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