Hello everyone this is my bass guitar, bass BN5 af, I paid $ 3000 and has 10 years of use, I wonder if by being autographed by Jeff Berlin, its price is higher, the same or maybe less, I have no idea, I appreciate your help. One of the previous owners took classes with Jeff, this is the origin of the autograph.


Its hard to say, but I wouldn't expect any increase in value, autographs rarely positively affect the value of a used instrument.

That being said, in this case it's probably likely that it won't negatively impact the resale value. If it was signed by some random bass player that nobody has heard of, or if it had the autograph scrawled across the body (some people get their instruments signed this way, I have no idea why) then you would be looking at a drop in resale. This one being small and in a discreet location on the back of the headstock, I don't think it should give you any problems.

Short story: the resale value shouldn't deviate too much from the normal resale value of a BN5. The autograph doesn't add any value to it but since its small and out of the way it doesn't detract from it either.
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I think Jeff Berlin's signature would severely lower the value.

I was thinking the same thing.
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