Hello all,

I'm a beginning guitarist and I'm having a problem when playing my electric guitar.

My issue is that sometimes when I'm playing, when I'm removing a finger to go to another string, it will make that string (which I'm removing my finger from) ring out it's open note. It is very distracting and does not sound good.

It seems to get worse the higher I go up the neck, which makes me think since the action is higher in the upper frets, it may cause more noise when removing the finger from it? Is there a technique that I'm missing or is it maybe simply my guitar?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
muting is a common and necessary technique. Both palm muting with the right hand (if you are on a right handed guitar), and proper finger muting when using chord shapes is something to work on.
A few other things to consider:
- try to simply lift the finger rather than flick it off
- your string gauge may be too light
- your finger calluses might be grabbing the string

Just be sure to practice slowly and pay attention to technique.
Thank you!

I will continue to experiment and start to research muting techniques. Thanks again for the advice.