This was my first attempt at multi-track recording. A friend asked if I would write something to use as a theme tune for a series of podcasts he is producing. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and send me any of your tunes and I will have a listen


Nice tones man, very clear. What do you mean by drone chords exactly? I really liked it when the distorted rhythm kicked in. Cool lead, very tight, very elaborate, it fits in perfectly with the feel of the track.

The drums sounded a bit dry, but I guess they work. The ending high note was nice!

Let me know what you think:
Link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1614634
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Hey Oli!

Very nice! And especially good for a first attempt- I've been playing with recording for the last year and a half and I'm envious.

You have a great ear for structure- the piece builds really well and adds something new and interesting at just the right times. You've got great guitar tone on all of the tracks- I'd love to know how you're achieving that. The drums being dry, in my opinion, provides some nice grounding- it lets you move the guitars in the stereo field while giving the listener a sense of center. My first instinct after listening was that you could add a bass track, but that rhythm guitar has enough oomph that you don't need it, although the end does get a little thin once it cuts out. For a theme song, that's not a bad thing- it might help it fade into the podcast nicely.

I will say that for a theme it's a bit long, although it does give you plenty of time for a lengthy credit roll. Your friend will probably be able to take the bits he likes pretty easily though.

I'm working on an album- the first half is done, and I'd love some feedback: