My LTD EC330FM has pickups which say 'ESP designed' on them. The problem I have with this is they are printed in yellow, which really offsets the color scheme of the guitar in my opinion. Is there any way to remove it? I was considering sanding but I'll see what people can come up with.

Here's a picture for reference.

Pickups by DeanoM50810, on Flickr
Sanding it will obviously make it ridiculously obvious.

There's not a huge amount you can do, unless you paint them or see if you can get different covers but you know, it doesn't actually make a difference and no one would ever notice, so try and ignore it, and eventually you won't notice it.
Use blue clear nail polish that matches the color of the guitar? It wont show up on the black, and it will change the color of the silver.
paint the whole pick up to match your guitar

or just to more black painting over it would be my first choice
sandpaper would be last

second would be ignoring it
Take the pickups out and spray paint them. An ESP design should have a plug-in wiring harness. Just measure the pickup height before taking them out.
That's what you get for purchasing a guitar with "active" pickups. Hopefully you've learned your lesson already.
Just scratch it up with the side of your pick maybe? This happened on my old duncans when i used to have a way aggressive picking attack.