Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out this forum post. I play in a band called Embracer and we're doing our best to get our name out there. But with 3 of us in school and all of us short on cash, we are having a hard time getting our name out through shows alone.

We have played in West Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. We are hoping to record our first major release next year. In fact, here's a playlist of us playing a 4 song set in Columbia, SC!

If you like us, follow us on Facebook , Twitter , Bandcamp , and subscribe to us on YouTube ! We'll have merch available on our Bandcamp soon. We have hand-dyed, hand-printed shirts all done by us alone. Each shirt is individual and we have sizes ranging from S to XL.

Thank you everyone!
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Good stuff man! Reminds me of Emarosa and Closure in Moscow. Id love to hear more.

If you came around Pikeville, Kentucky Id go see you guys.
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Thank you Razzle, that's much appreciated. We're planning on doing some more westward shows, so we may see if we can't get a show in or near Pikeville.