Hi guys!

Looking for reviews on our band tracks. (No vocals yet)
Three different tracks:

Live in Chaos - progressive long instrumental, loads of riffs

Translocation - slow, evolving, build in to orchestral in the end

Crisis - kinda Progressive Nu-Metal as we call it =)

if you like the tracks/sound, please drop you like on FB

Drop in your C4C, i will review your tracks)
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Live In Chaos - Nice guitar riffs. I really like what you've done with drums, however drum sound is kind low quality, especially open hi-hat. How did you make the drums? Also I would turn bass up a bit, but maybe that's just how i like it. It's a bit too long for my taste .

Crisis - Good guitar tone. Awesome riff starting from 1.00. I really like the outro.
Live in Chaos:
Drums sound...plasticky? The some of the riffs are great, but it's too long and it's just a sequence of riffs. Sorry, I'm listening to this at work and I kinda lost interest in this one. I think it needs more melodic movement.

piano accompaniment in the beginning was rather harshly played. i like heavy, but this bothered me a lot somehow, it just did not suit the intro at all. love the middle section though, good buildup, and the synth sound fit in really well. good ending.
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