Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in destiny?
true love merely comes,
only once,
In a thousand lifetimes,
the knife edges my soul,
The emptiness of your,
is finally,
taking it's toll,


when the wind blows,
I hear it call out your name,
My heart is broken up,
My mind is going deeply Insane,
I never want to let you go,
Never leave me be,
Your love is never enough,
I can't live without you beside me,

Please have no fear,
together we will disappear,
As much as you hate,
I know you love me,
deep inside,
the pain of you gone,
into my skin,
My blood is painted with your sin,
of love,


I'm going now,
but I won't leave you alone,
I won't let you take me.