I drown in my sorrow,
no tomorrow,
never again,
I dissipate the pain,
I'll never be the same,
without you,

And I feel,
your voice in my air,
and i see,
that you don't care,
Another columbine,
of my heart,
another fear of mine,
of bloody art,
I'll end up dead,
My vision red,
I Choke,

I swim in sympathy,
for today,
for my friend,
I cancel out the hurt,
My life was mine at first,
before you,
came along,

[Chorus repeat]

When I see your face,
in my reflection,
I feel a part of me,
is missing,
When i hear your voice,
in my recordings,
I feel a century of ripping,
I need you in my life,
this pain,
worse than a thousand knives,
and their handles,
I Choke,