I have 2 American made Charvel So Cals , they are the exact same model . One is the candy plum so cal and the other one is the black one . However the black so cal is heavier than the candy plum one , has thicker body , resonate better , sound louder and has better sustain . Why is that so , is my Candy Plum So Cal a defect or is it just a different production ?
guitars ar emade of wood which can vary from tree to tree or what part of the treet it came from it shouldnt be too much of a diff3erence the set up of the gutiar probably has more of an effect but yeah even guitars of the same models can vary slightly
I see , but is the possible that the sound quality has that much difference , I mean isnt there quality control ?
Do they both have the same strings?
Old strings can make even the greatest guitars bad sounding.
Are the pickups the same?
Are they set to the same height?
Are both of them set-up the same way?
Are you sure both have the same bodywood?

Also, there's a little trick you can try on the 'worse' SoCal:
Loosen the neck screws, first the inner ones, then the outer ones. You might hear a little click or crackle but don't worry. Then fasten the screws again, beginning with the inner ones. What this trick does is that the tension from the strings pulls the neck better in the pocket, making the guitar resonate better.
Can make a difference, not if the neck already sits perfectly in the pocket though.
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We have 2 MIA Charvel from the US Production Model Series here, one Transparent Kandy Magenta San Dimas and one Slime Green So Cal. The whole rotating finish options is one of the more exciting things I have seen on regular production models.

Mine, the San Dimas is resonant and light while my brother's, the So Cal, is heavy - even though they're Strat-shapes mades from the same woods in the same series.

I wouldn't say the quality is bad on these guitars, not at all. They do however seem to be inconsistent - which is fine and something different than bad quality.
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I've been looking to buy a plum so-cal for a while, let me know if you want to sell or trade.


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