Lucius Redd had a curious stance
as his head hung low,
but his stature so tall
that onlookers were entranced.
Redd was a powerful demon
who at the wish of Satan
could withdraw the red liquids
from any human.
Redd didn't much appreciate
hid job. His eyes grew redder
with fury upon every summoning
but as his eyes grew redder and redder,
he saw more and more of the dead,
all bloodied in the red halls
of final room in Poe's Morgue--
a disease seizing their lives
as the red in their veins
ceases to exist.

Lucius Redd found a tall task
when assigned to withdraw
the blood of Eva Green.
Eva was -- and still is --
a beautiful, young woman
whose green eyes are as deep
as the forests of the Amazon
and so beautiful they are
fictitious as the Shire.
Her green fashion sense
produced a compounding effect
which brings life to all
those who lay eyes upon her beauty.
Once Redd laid his eyes on Green,
he was instantly overcome.
Never had he been assigned to
withdraw the blood of a goddess
whose great green grandeur brought
life to the ever-empty veins of Redd.
And he fought for the curse
bestowed upon him by the Lords,
using his red temper to overcome
the green delusions he gazed upon.
And Eva came over to him,
with her deep green eyes widening
to the depths of the universe
and seeing Lucius Redd struggling
to hold himself upon the land,
she laid her gaze upon him
and touched him with a touch
that was lighter than a leaf.

"For now on, you will be enthralled
by the blue skies of heaven.
God has assigned you a new task,
away from the red dwellings of Satan.
You shall forever by known as
Valentine Bleu.
Your assignment is that of the healer.
You will bring the blue waters to
the dying children.
You will show the blue skies
to the blind.
You will allow the blues
to be heard by the deaf.
You will embrace a new, blue color
and your head will lift taller than you stand.
Go, Valentine Bleu and bless the world
with all the magic that blue may bring."