This is a song i made for my thrash band, about a year ago. It doesn't have all the solo's because im the drummer. We just started rehearsing again and we'r learning these old songs and also making new ones We would like to hear your opinions too.
Chemical Conspiracy.gp5
really nice testament vibe you got in it, would love to hear it with the solos. but its pretty good!
The whole song made me put a smile on my face. It has a very humorous vibe to it.

That was some rocking shit right there man, ****ing perfect.

I think the solo section will sound epic when done.

Other than that, I go nothing to say.

Oh, and if you can please comment on my song.

Purple string dampener scrunchy.
Oh, man, I love such stuff! Real thrash, but not serious at all Nice riffs, and solos. Reminds me of Anthrax of Overkill.