I would like to hear some feedback on these 2 tracks. Recording was done with a Mfx unit hooked with PC via USB. Drums are programmed (EZDrummer).

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Quite a heavy track! Very nice guitar tone, and the feel definitely fits the genre you're shooting for. I will say that I'm not huge on instrumentals (I am a vocalist first and foremost) but even given that I feel like more of a focal point for the song would have helped. About halfway in I started having to force myself to pay attention- a build or change in dynamics or rhythm could really help to break things up and keep things interesting.


Is that a flanger, wah, or a phaser? Either way, I like it. This track is actually helped by being shorter- you got your melodic ideas across without risking being repetitive. I will say that some dynamic contrast could have added- having a quiet part can make an entire song sound louder! The guitar tone is again excellent, specifically the lead work.

I've got six tracks I'm looking to finalize- take a look and give me as much feedback as you'd like!

First track- bass is reeaeaally smooth, moving very cool, love the progressivness of the track, is it 5/8 - 6/8 variating in verses? Are you planning vocals on a track? Because it got a bit repetitive in a middle. Or otherwise you need more variations.

Second- yeah the FX on lead guitar adds the color, cool one. This one less progressive, more upbeat, but again, need Vox!!! )

Thanks for the comments!

Yeah both tracks actually have vocals but im unable to record them at the moment. First track is all over the place with time signature changes, and it indeed is variations of 5/8 and 6/8 in verse.

It's wah on lead guitar

I'm currently at work, will comment on your work when i get home.