It's been a while since I've uploaded something to UG. Just finished doing a new track called 'Night Garden'. Kind of an ambient soft rock thing.

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Just leave a link where I can crit your stuff.
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Very nice, sir. The guitar parts complement each other quite nicely, while being distinct enough that I could follow each part. It has a very mellow vibe, although on some of those bends you got a nice little quasi-scream out of your guitar- very Stevie Ray Vaughn to my ears. I tend to like pieces with a little more build and direction, but that's not what this piece was meant to be, and as it is, it's quite relaxing and mellow. I don't know that I'd add anything to it.

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Thanks for your comment on my piece. In response, byt he term 'drone chords' I am referring to the fact that all of the chords both incorporate the B and E strings open and the other notes change around this, providing a 'drone'.

I apologise for the poor quality of the drums, they were recorded from a keyboard/synthesizer using a drum pattern. From here I ran it into my amplifier and picked it up with a SM57 mic - admittedly a crude method of recording and I hope to improve it in the future.

Regarding your piece, I love the mellow vibe that runs throughout it. The lead and arpeggiated chords fit together seamlessly and the tone is very nice. It's got that 'on the edge' sound where you're just breaking into overdrive, very Stevie Ray Vaughan esque. I even here a bit of a BB King quality at times.

If I was to offer any criticism, not there is much too offer as it was superb anyways, but perhaps a more eventful ending could be used? At present, the piece kind of just 'stops'. However I still think it sounds pretty cool the way it is, so just my opinion

Starts abruptly! Nice mellow feeling. Your solo is not that tight though. The part around 1:17 is really nice in a compositional way, but it sounds really chaotic on the recording. I feel like this song could benefit from a re-record. The chord progression and mellow feeling are really nice but the recording is just not that good. Also as Aarvark mentioned there are some notes off in your solo, which as a whole is pretty nice. Again this could be fixed with re-recording.

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