Just curious what your opinions are on playing without a pick. I learned without but then decided I had better learn with, too. Im a lot better without though. I know some greats like Jeff Beck, Knopfler and Wes Montgomery played without, but you never see any of those guys strumming a chord. It's all lead guitar. I want to play to be able to play rhythmn and lead with basically any style I choose. Do you think it's possible to without a pick? For certain songs where you pick parts and then strum other parts I find I can't get the same tone, especially for the strumming parts, which sound lower and more muffled. What if you grown the nails out on your fingers? Does it have the same sound as a pick or close? I usually pick with the flesh of my fingers. What do you guys think?
Tone is important, and you'll never accurately imitate a pick sound without a pick. Playing with and without a pick are both important skills to have, but using your fingers to actually imitate a pick is probably best reserved for small parts of mostly finger picking based songs that wouldn't be playable without doing so.
it'll inevitably sound different. if it's that important to you, you might want to check out that pick clip that Chris Broderick uses.
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for the pick tone you need a pick i recomend you learn to use both(pick and not) as there are things you cannot play without one

or you could do like classical guitarists with the nails but i found that using your nails like a pick ruins your nails so youll have crappy classical tone(if that even matters to you)